Statement by the Embassy of the State of Palestine to South Africa

Statement by the Embassy of the State of Palestine to South Africa

16 January 2017

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to South Africa notes with concern certain inaccurate media reports about the visit of Mr. Mmusi Maimane, leader of DA, to Israel and the occupied State of Palestine and the allegations of his meetings with the leadership of the Palestinian Authority.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine to South Africa, would like to point out that the DA did not inform the embassy about Mr. Maimane’s visit to the State of Palestine, and that the embassy became aware of the DA leader’s visit through the South African Media.

The embassy categorically did not have any role in the recent visit, beside that, the embassy communicated with the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Ramallah city and was officially informed by the Ministry that no one of  PA officials or leadership were to meet with Mr. Maimane.

Media reports and statements by the DA delegation make no reference to actual names of Palestinian Authority officials or what titles/offices they hold.

In fact, it is offensive that one would travel to the occupied Palestinian territories as a guest of the occupier and on a trip facilitated by the oppressor.

We highly respect and honour the speech given by H.E. President Jacob Zuma on the occasion of the ruling party’s 105th anniversary celebration on the 8th January 2017 when he “firmly discouraged travel to Israel for causes not related to fostering peace in the region.”

We welcome solidarity and impartial fact finding visits to our country and to our people. We also believe that the correct official channels should be followed and respected.

The Embassy of the State of Palestine is humbled and welcomes all the support and solidarity given to our people from the Government, people, organizations and political parties of South Africa.

Contact: 0736863443

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