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Students running for upcoming elections reject Israel trips

Students running for upcoming elections reject Israel trips

Students, belonging to the SA Students Congress (SASCO) and the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA), who are running in the current Wits University SRC student government elections have signed a public pledge rejecting propaganda junket trips to Israel. In the last election SASCO/PYA won all seats in the Wits University SRC student government. (Click here for the declaration/pledge).
In addition, one SASCO/PYA member who, in the preceding year, accepted such a propaganda junket trip to Israel had to resign from his position (click here for resignation letter).

During the 1980s, in attempt to break the boycott against Apartheid, the South African government and its lobby groups brought students among others to our country on so called “fact-finding”, “see for yourself” visits. The anti-apartheid movement, opposed, condemend and rejected these as propaganda junket trips.

Similarly, Israel too has embarked on bribing and offering propaganda trips in an attempt to break the increasing isolation that the regime is facing. In particular, the Israeli lobby has focused on Wits University, trying to circumvent the national policies of student organizations that have endorsed the BDS boycott of Israel by attempting to take student leaders on these apartheid-era propaganda junket trips to Israel.

We join progressive organizations in welcoming the SASCO/PYA candidates signing of the pledge rejecting such propaganda trips. We also welcome the resignation from the selection committee of the SASCO/PYA member who, in violation of organizational policy, had gone on a propaganda trip in the preceding year. Click here for the statement by SASCO’s provincial executive committee welcoming this move.

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