Houghton Golf Club unfairly cancels charity day

Houghton Golf Club unfairly cancels charity day

PRESS STATEMENT: Houghton Golf Club unfairly cancels charity day

02 November 2018

The human rights and Palestine solidarity BDS South Africa condemns the cancelling by the Houghton Golf Club of the upcoming Food for the Soul charity golf day that was due to take place on 11 November at Houghton Golf Course .

The HGC cancelled the charity day demanding that it can only take place if BDS South Africa be removed from the golf day in which the organisers, Food for the Soul, had invited, accepted and included BDS SA.

In addition, the Houghton Golf Club has made unfounded and libellous accusations against BDS South Africa, the organization in question. Click here for the statement where the HGC falsely claims that BDS SA is allegedly violent and will cause damage to property.

BDS SA is a human rights organisation, with a diverse and well respected leadership who have excelled in various fields of society, all of whom have made personal sacrifices in the struggle for a free and democratic South Africa. BDS SA views the unfounded allegations as unwarranted and unworthy of an institution such as the HGC.

We are currently seeking legal advice with the intention of taking legal action and call on the HGC to retract their hurtful public statement and to reinstate the well intentioned charity golf day.

While BDS SA is autonomous from the organisers of the golf day, Food for The Soul, we support their aims and thus we sponsored a four-ball at the tournament. We will be contacting them to offer any and all assistance, including legal, to ensure that the Golf Day proceeds from what appears to be a clear breach of contract by the HGC.

Click here for more information on the BDS boycott of Israel movement, inspired by the successful sanctions against Apartheid SA.


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