Let’s support this South African runner for Palestine, Tshwaane Komape (28)

PRESS STATEMENT: Let’s support this 28 year old South African runner who is raising awareness for Palestine, Tshwaane Komape

04 June 2019

Meet Tshwaane Komape, the 28 year old runner from the province of Limpopo. Komape has, this year alone, run over 11 marathons. Each race he has run in support of the Palestinian struggle, and, in particular, to highlight Israel’s killing and imprisonment of Palestinian children. On Sunday the 9th of June 2019 Komape will be running South Africa’s most well-known and prestigious race, the Comrades Marathon.

Komape has founded a BDS Palestine Sports Network – a group of people across South Africa who run, cycle and participate in other sports in support of Palestine. Members of the BDS Palestine Sports Network do this by wearing the Palestinian scarf, a BDS tshirt, flag, other Palestinian regalia and using their social media networks to raise awareness.

JOIN: If you are a a sportsperson (at any level) and would like to form part of this BDS Sports Network please email info@bdssouthafrica.com

DONATE: If you would like to sponsor Komape’s upcoming participation in the Comrades Marathon, his future races and the BDS Palestine Sports Network (to cover registration costs, basic logistics etc.) please make an EFT transfer to: BANK: First National Bank; ACCOUNT NAME: BDS South Africa; ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62273997943; BRANCH: Rosebank; BRANCH CODE: 253305; SWIFT CODE: FIRNZAJJ; REFERENCE: Sports

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Palestinian youth and minors are most vulnerable under Israeli occupation. Since 2000 Israel has killed over 3000 Palestinian children. In the last 10 years alone, between 2007 and 2017, Israel has killed more than 1200 Palestinian minors. That is that Israel has killed 1 Palestinian child every 3 days since 2000. Between 2000 and 2017 Israel has injured 13000 Palestinian children and has detained some 12000 children (on average 700 Palestinian children are detained every year) with the overwhelming majority of them being beaten or tortured while in Israeli custody. Israel currently holds over 300 Palestinian children (some as young as 13 years old) as political prisoners. A recent World Health Organisation (WHO) report revealed that at least three children in the Palestinian Gaza Strip are left permanently disabled every month as a result of Israeli violence. Amputations make up an overwhelming proportion of permanent disabilities.

Follow BDS South Africa’s Twitter feed on Sunday to track Komape’s progress at the Comrades Marathon: www.twitter.com/bdssouthafrica. To arrange an interview with Tshwaane Komape call: +27769798801.

+27 (71) 278-6744