Update on campaign against Israeli take over of Clover Dairies

PRESS STATEMENT: Update on campaign against Israeli take over of Clover Dairies

06 November 2019

In keeping with our previous public statements on the matter, the independent South African human rights and Palestine solidarity NGO, BDS South Africa, embarked on a series of consultations with our partner organisations and several community representative bodies to discuss the Israeli takeover of Clover Dairies. In addition, we also had discussions with a trade union within the dairy sector.

This trade union, together with a group of organisations (including the Palestine Solidarity Alliance (PSA), Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and the South African Jews for a Free Palestine (SAJFP)), have developed a program of action to lead the campaign against the Israeli takeover of Clover.

While BDS SA had initially intended on embarking on a nationwide boycott and protest, we are of the view that this group of organisations have sufficiently and thoroughly considered the situation as well as developed concrete proposals, including lodging a formal legal appeal to the Competition Commission. In this regard, we will be supporting these organisations in their lead on the Clover campaign.

Members of the media and public wanting any further information on the issue of Clover, the intended Israeli takeover and the opposition to that takeover can contact the spokespersons listed in the attached press statement by the group of organizations (GIWUSA, PSA, PSA and SAJFP) now leading this campaign. Click here.

Finally, notwithstanding the above, BDS SA is not discouraging anyboby in their individual capacity from buying more ethical alternatives.


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