The human rights organization, #Africa4Palestine, have submitted an official complaint to South Africa’s Judicial Services Commission (JSC) against the Chief Justice, the Honorable Mogoeng Mogoeng, for his Israeli utterances.

The complaint was drafted by a senior legal team including Advocate Ben Winks, Advocate Sheldon Magardie, Attorney Yasin Bham as well as a Senior Counsel from the Johannesburg Bar. Click here to download the full submission.

Last week Mogeng came under fire for his comments in support of the Israeli regime from political parties including the ANC and EFF, churches and church organizations, the MJC and Jamiat, Jewish groups (click here), judicial bodies (click here), legal experts (click here), intellectuals, trade unions, commentators, civil society organizations and others .

Judge Mogoeng has, unfortunately, continued to publicly speak on the matter but refuses to apologise. He has said: “Even if 50 million people can march every day for the next 10 years, for me to retract and apologise for what I said — I will not do it…There will, therefore, be no retraction. There is nothing to retract. There will be no apology … I will not apologise for anything. There is nothing to apologise for. There is nothing to retract…I will not.”

Mogoeng has also started, bizarrely, to accuse people of “lies”, of plotting “to destroy” him, “insulting” him and wanting to “kill” him. We deny any of the Chief Justice’s accusations and insist, as our submission makes clear, that he is in violation of the JSC code of conduct. In addition, he conflates the Biblical Land of Israel with the Modern State of Israel created in 1948. And, finally, he disregards Israel’s well documented violations of international law.



#Africa4Palestine hosted several South African political parties at a joint press conference where a joint multi-party statement was issued in support of the Palestinian people and against Israel’s planned annexation of the West Bank.

The press conference was attended by the ANC, AIC, EFF, NFP, Al Jamaah, UDM and the Good Party. The joint statement read:

“We are clear in our support of international law. Even with its limitations, we are clear in our support of the various UN resolutions against Israel’s violations of international law.
We are appalled that the Israeli regime is attempting to annex almost 30 percent of Palestinian land in clear violation of international law and several UN resolutions. We welcome that the South Africa Council of Churches has condemned this move…The plight of the Palestinian Christians, in particular, is of grave concern. The Palestinian Christians of Bethlehem, the descendants of the first followers of Jesus Christ, are not allowed to freely travel to, for example, Jerusalem. An 8 meter high wall built but the Israeli regime separates them. These forms of obstruction of movement remind us of the Apartheid policies once present in South Africa.
We as political parties will support civil society by speaking up in solidarity with the Palestinian people. We commit to do this both in public but also in Parliament. We will ensure that our Government adopts a strong and unapologetic stance in support of human rights and international law. Our country lived through Apartheid and we cannot let another people be subjected to similar policies.  Click here for the full joint multi-party statement.