In an expression of solidarity, Dr Bandile Masuku, the South African official responsible for health in the province of Gauteng, together with other members of his team have been spotted wearing Palestine Masks as they wage the fight against Covid19.

The Palestine Masks (made locally in South Africa with specially imported Palestinian scarf/keffiyeh material) is a joint initiative between #Africa4Palestine and the Embassy of Palestine in Pretoria.

The trademark Palestine Keffiyeh scarf (from which the design for the mask is derived) has become an international symbol of resistance and solidarity. During the 1980s Palestinian leaders, including Yasser Arafat, Leila Khaled and others made the keffiyeh widely popular. It is undoubtedly a fashionable and stylish accessory, but wearing it also has deep political and cultural connotations – it is indeed a symbol of resistance and resilience. Resistance against injustice and resilience in the pursuit of a more just, caring and loving world.