PRESS STATEMENT: South African political parties and civil society plan mass Palestine protest march

10 May 2021 

South African political parties and civil society will be uniting in a Palestine protest march to take place this week in Cape Town. The Palestine protest march is being organized by, among others, the Muslim Judicial Council, Al Quds Foundation, National Coalition 4 Palestine (NC4P), the ANC, GoodParty, Economic Freedom Fighters, SACP, ANC Youth League, NFP, Al Jamaah, Kairos Southern Africa, Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), Media Review Network and #Africa4Palestine.

To this end a protest notification submission has been made to the City of Cape Town and we are awaiting the outcome of the application. The organisers are committed to adhering to all Covid-19 protocols. Organisations that would like to endorse and form part of the mass Palestine protest can contact the MJC, Al Quds Foundation or #Africa4Palestine. Final details, upon approval from the City of Cape Town, of the Mass Palestine Protest March will be made public tomorrow (Tuesday 11 May 2021).

On Friday and Saturday nights, Israeli forces stormed the AlAqsa mosque attacking worshippers who were praying. Hundreds of Palesintinian civilians were left injured, with several losing their eyes . Israeli forces have recently resorted to shooting directly in the face. One Palestinian youth had to have both his eyes removed (see image above). One Palestinian has also been killed.

The weekend violence by Israeli forces against Palestinians comes on the back of the forced removals currently underway in the Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah where Israeli extremists are forcibly removing Palestinian families from their homes. So far several families have already lost their homes to Israeli vigilantes who have, in the dark of night, illegally entered the homes of Palestinian families and unlawfully evicted them. The crime of the Palestinian – they are the wrong ethnicity.

According to reports,  over 300 Palestinians have been injured, 1 has been killed, at least 3 have had to have an eye (or both eyes) removed, and hundreds of others have been detained and imprisoned.

Click here for a short 25 minute video explaning what is happening in the area:


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