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Africa4Palestine celebrates departure of the Israeli Ambassador from South Africa

Africa4Palestine celebrates departure of the Israeli Ambassador from South Africa

20 November 2023

The South African human rights NGO Africa4Palestine welcomes the sudden departure of Israel’s Ambassador from South Africa.

The Israeli ambassador has fled South Africa ahead of this week’s vote by the Parliament of South Africa to expel the Israeli ambassador and shut down the Israeli Embassy.

South Africa now has no Ambassador in Israel, and Israel has no ambassador in South Africa.

In the dying days of Apartheid in South Africa, the regime isolated itself. Similarly, Israel today is being isolated and is self-isolating from the peace and justice-loving peoples of the world. This marks a crucial step towards holding Apartheid Israel accountable for its violations of international law. People and countries across the globe are making it clear: no normal relations with an abnormal state.

Africa4Palestine salutes the hundreds of thousands of South Africans who have taken to the streets, to social media and other platforms in recent weeks supporting our government as well as calling for further and firmer action to be taken against Israel for its recent attacks on the Palestinians people as well as for its ongoing Apartheid policies and practices.

Similar to South Africa, for peace to be achieved for all who live between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea (for Jews, Muslims, Christians, and all others), the root causes of the conflict need to be addressed including the dismantling of Israel’s apartheid regime, ceasing of Israel’s unlawful occupation and the ending of its violations of international law. This is the only path towards a sustainable and equitable solution – for all.

We again reiterate the African peoples support for the Palestinian people who have been resisting Israel’s apartheid regime, who have been withstanding Israel’s attempts to erase them and who are teaching the world the meaning of resilience and hope.


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