Big Palestine Scarf (Keffiyeh)

These authentic Palestine scarves are imported from Palestine and Jordan.

Most commonly known as the  “Keffiyeh”, the Palestinian scarf has become an international symbol of resistance. During the 1980s Palestinian leaders including Yasser Arafat (pictured with President Nelson Mandela), Leila Khaled and others, made the keffiyeh widely popular. There are thousands of photos of Arafat wearing the scarf and pictured with world leaders who supported the cause including Samora Machel, Oliver Tambo, Kenneth Kaunda, Fidel Castro, Pope John Paul II and others. It is worn equally by both men and women.

The keffiyeh is undoubtedly a fashionable and stylish accessory, but wearing it also has deep political and cultural connotations – it is indeed a symbol of resistance and resilience. Resistance against injustice and resilience in the pursuit of a more just, peaceful and loving world.

Please note that any proceeds from the sale of items go towards Palestine solidarity.

Exchanges: There will unfortunately be a handling fee of R50 for exchanges. The fee is waived if you buy/collect from our offices.

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