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The Wits Palestine Solidarity Committee condemns Israeli Propaganda Trips

The Wits Palestine Solidarity Committee condemns Israeli Propaganda Trips

Press Statement: The Wits Palestine Solidarity Committee condemns Israeli Propaganda Trips

The Wits University Palestine Solidarity Committee (Wits PSC) is shocked to learn that students from Wits University accepted invites from the Israeli lobby for a propaganda holiday trip to Israel that took place between the 5th and 11th of July. The Israeli propaganda trips have been condemned by the national leadership of the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) including the ANC Youth League, South African Students Congress (SASCO), Young Communist League (YCL) and Congress of South African Students (COSAS). In addition, various other have condemned the propaganda trips comparing them to the “junkets” that were offered by pro-Apartheid lobbyists during the 1980s.

The Wits PSC is furthermore concerned that an article was published in Israel’s Haaretz Newspaper claiming that the Wits students (amongst others) who were part of the propaganda holiday trip were “ANC leaders” (see attached). We find this difficult to believe, that ANC leaders would have been

part of these holiday propaganda trips. We dismiss it as propaganda by the Israeli lobby to mislead

people because the ANC support for the Palestinian struggle, BDS campaign and boycott of Israel is clear.

The highest decision making body of the ANC, the NEC, in 2014 resolved that to join: “[T]he call for a cultural, academic and education boycott of Israel including travel bans for members and leaders of the ANC, the Alliance, Members of Cabinet, Members of Parliament and Government Officials.”
We welcome the YCL’s statement released earlier today making clear that Israeli Apartheid sanction-busters will be expelled. We trust that other organizations will advance similar disciplinary actions.

Issued by Isaac Quinton Ramaphala, Secretary of the Wits Palestine Solidarity Committee
For comment: 0784974363

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