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Young Communist League Of South Africa (YCLSA) Rejects Sanction Busters

Young Communist League Of South Africa (YCLSA) Rejects Sanction Busters

[Saturday 11 July 2015]
Sanction busters not members- YCLSA
The Young Communist League of South Africa [uFasimba] has made clear its position, which is in line with the policies of the SACP and the NEC of the ANC, on travel bans to the apartheid state of Israel.
We have been consistent that we support, with the backing of the SACP and larger MDM the boycotts, divestment and sanctions of Israel campaign. The Zionist pro-Israeli government lobby groups that continue to bribe and buy patronage offering various “opportunities” and free holiday trips to Israel. In response the YCLSA made a public announcement with our progressive youth alliance (PYA) that disciplinary actions would be taken against members who accept these bribes and trips.
Despite this announcement we are disappointed that young people decided to succumb to the bribes and eat the sweet fruits that were planted on land that was stolen and grow on the blood of murdered Palestinian women and children. They claim to be members of our revolutionary organisation, but they are not- we reject them. It is unfortunate that there are people with no principals or morals in society, but our membership knows better and has been warned.
We denounce these young people, they are not our members. Any member who accepts a free trip or holiday to the Apartheid state of Israel will be immediately expelled, as our method of combating sanction busters who knowingly choose to accept Apartheid Israel’s bribery and legitimise the oppressive regime.
We will follow all due process, but can confirm that our intentions are clear; we will expel corrupt sanction busters.

Issued by YCLSA Media
For more information contact: Khaya Xaba YCLSA National Spokesperson
Cell: 074 5 204 204

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