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Israeli delegation booted out from African Union summit

Israeli delegation booted out from African Union summit

20 February 2023

In yet another diplomatic insult to Israel, over this past weekend, an Israeli government delegation was physically escorted, booted and kicked out of the African Union assembly that was taking place in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.  (Click here for the video)

The human rights organisation Africa4Palestine joins South Africa’s ruling party, the ANC, and other organisations who have all welcomed the ousting of Israel from the AU Summit. We agree with the ANC, that Israel is indeed an Apartheid state and should be treated as one. The AU is no space for apartheid regimes to have recognition. By the African Union not accepting Israel it will remain true to its anti-colonial commitments.

Furthermore, we warn Israel not to try to undermine African institutions and organisations. As confirmed by the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, the expelled Israeli diplomat had not been invited to the summit. The Israel representative therefore had no basis to be attending the summit in the first place; Israel was simply trying to force itself into the AU assembly – such bullying, which is typical of Israel, will not be tolerated on the African continent. 

The African continent, its people and countries remain fully supportive of the Palestinian people living under an Israel occupation. The Palestinian people were generous to us Africans by backing and supporting us Africans during our various anti-colonial struggles on the continent. Today we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Palestinian allies fighting their own anti-colonial struggle against Israeli Apartheid just as we stand with all oppressed peoples across the globe. Accordingly Africa4Palestine will continue its campaign to have Israel entirely barred from the African Union.


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